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Welcome to the website of the Belgian Association of Anglicists in Higher Education.

Since its foundation in 1981, BAAHE has brought together anglicists working in the fields of literature and cultural studies, linguistics and translation studies, and ELT.
As stipulated in the statutes, the aims of the association are:

  • to bring together all lecturers and teachers of English in Belgian higher education;

  • to promote teaching and research in the field of English studies;

  • to publish a journal and/or working documents in that field;

  • to ensure contacts with foreign associations of anglicists.

In order to promote these aims, BAAHE organizes a yearly conference and publishes the international, peer-reviewed journal English Text Construction (ETC), published with John Benjamins.

As well, BAAHE offers an annual award of 250 EUR to the best Belgian master's thesis alternatingly in the field of English literature and cultural studies and in that of linguistics and translation studies.

Via its website and mailing list, BAAHE regularly informs its members about items of interest such as calls for papers and job offers, also available on the BAAHE Facebook page.

Along with 32 other national associations, BAAHE is a member of ESSE, the European Society for the Study of English. BAAHE membership thus includes ESSE membership, allowing members to apply for ESSE’s bursaries, book grants and book awards, and to submit proposals for sub-plenary lectures, papers and seminars at ESSE's biennial conferences, where they enjoy a reduced registration fee.

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